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20121219- PASCHKE FRANZ (DE) VOHDIN KURT (DE) B66C23/697 B66C23/70 F16C29/02 (IPC1-7): sowie einen entsprechend aufgebauten Teleskopaus

solutions for the nonlinear dispersive (2,2,1) and (3,3,1)

201051-(2), if we take a = 1 then this equation is referred to as the Mohyud-Din, A. Yıldırım iliary linear operator, u0(x,t) is

RMK12.2-IBS-BKL //__

201286- ALLEN BRADLEY 1336F-BRF10-AA-?EN-L6 VFD 1 Watlow DC21-60C0-S000 DIN-a-mite Contactor Superior Electric L116C Variable Autotransform


p num=0000Teleskop-Fahrkorbschürze (1) für einen Aufzugsfahrkorb, bestehend aus br/– drei im wesentlichen plattenförmigen Teleskopelement

Method and apparatus for intercepting purchase data and

one item made by a client; selecting at least DIN 1, DIN 2 (Pins 11, 10) Driver input TL16C554 Asynchronous Communications Element: The

Method for manufacturing compound bodies

The method involves preparing a salt powder or metallic powder, binder powder and a rigid, fluid-impermeable carrier body (12) and mixing the salt

Slide mount for telescope parts

Vohdin, Kurt (Feldhörn 9, Zetel, 26340, F16C29/02; (IPC1-7): B66C23/70; F16C29 1. Telescopic parts comprising a slide mount


[FromWhitford-Star1k9,79] Top view Craterejects(betweesnpacecrnaoftrmaalndsurfacneormal) • =sequencefor rilles is also shown (Figure 16c)

KUHNKE 64.009 NW 1.0 P=08BAR__

2014531- click to collapse contents 8sensor/FSM4-2FKM3/S89::8,:8,:8 click to expand contents

Viterbi decoding apparatus and viterbe decoding method

Survivor sequences information is supplied to a RAM 61-1 and a RAM 61-2 as an input Din. The RAM 61-1 and the RAM 61-2 perform an interleaving

2-Benzopyranone derivatives, process for their production,

2007819-Novel 2-benzopyranone compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein X is a 3,4,5-trimethoxybenzoyl group or a 3,4,5-trimethoxycinnamoyl group; a

morio, s. 1993

2007819- 1. Verfahren zum Betätigen einer Anlage zum direkten Weben, die eine einem Körper 16b und einer Nut 16c versehen und wird von einem

fluid automation systems 381746 11-333P702-B_fluid

one output speaker connection, for providing a TRS, DIN, XLR, TOS LINK, and HDMI connectors a rear left speaker 16c, and a rear right

On the theory of surface magnetic first-order phase transition

200398-Ader, A.I. Buzdin / Physics Letters A 319 (2003) 360–366 361 by (Tc1) = , 16c βξ1 = , a1 M1 = M(T = Tc1) = 3b , 4c

Y43H-16、Y43H-16C、Y43H-16Q ,Y43H-16、

(XTSS), using the Nanshan 1.0-m telescope of(our internal name is XTSS-16C) in the galaxyEsamdin, AliMa, LuLiu, JinzhongThe Astronomers


DINARELLO CHARLES A , MOORE JEFFREY G MORNINGSIDE Diseases(4) Chemicals(1) The use of FRIL A61K38/16C (EPO) A61K38/16 (IPC) A61P29

A process for preparation of isocyanate compositions with

one alcohol having at least two OH groups such (I): Rand R3 = linear or branched 4-16C DINSCH STEFANMURRAR IMBRIDTBARTZ THOMAS

Influence of environmental conditions on early development of

1·min at each site, at a rate of one у16c D 100 80 20°C, 12 h 100 80 20°C Le Bris et al., 2003; Sarradin et al.,

Bearing for telescope components

the sliding surfaces of the components (11, 12) VOHDIN KURT (DE) WILTS MANFRED (DE) F16C29/02 (IPC1-7): F16C29/02 F16C33/08

Occlusionsinstrument und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung

p num=0000Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein Occlusionsinstrument (1), welches aus einem Geflecht (2) dünner Drähte oder Fäden (4)

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